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Beauty means maintaining optimum health and a balanced lifestyle can be obtained only by knowledge. Following this idea, CREMERIA offers the possibility of using personalized cosmetic products, depending on each type of skin.


Products spcially made for your skin type

This line of skincare was formulated in our laboratory, for each type of skin with the help of a professional team. Pharmacists, beauticians and chemists working together to achieve an unique formula, having over 10 years of experience and participating in lectures and trainings from the beauty area.

Also, the genetic personalization offered by your ADN skin map from Amira’s represents a guide based on scientific information, for all the beauty experts. (about the ADN skin map you can find out more here: http://www.amirasyoufi.com/scorul-genetic-al-pielii-tale)

In addition, each cosmetic or health problem you might have can be solved and your skin has the specific care it particularly needs.

For a personalized solution, the procedure is:

  1. Please complete the following form that we can know you better
  2. An appointment will be scheduled to discuss the small details related to your specific needs
  3. We offer you a basic product to test
  4. We have a follow-up meeting for another talk or there is the option by email
  5. Then, we start to add to the formula compatible assets with the chosen base and the type of smell you prefer
  6. Final testing
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