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Cremeria story begins in Romania, where the pharmacist Daniela Mincu, together with a team of experts, wanted to create a range of cosmetic from ingredients biocompatible with the skin. Their ambition was to eliminate synthetic ingredients, toxic substances as well as premade bases. Thus arose Cremer products created from natural and non-toxic ingredients.

Each product is made in the laboratory in maximum security conditions, so you can enjoy their freshness. Innovative active ingredients and natural oils combined with mastery helps to achieve truly stunning results. Because we put health first, all ingredients used are of the highest quality, with safety certificates so that each of them offer real skin benefits. By reaching the final version, each product goes through a complex process of research so that the formula chosen to be most effective.

The skin is the first barrier against external aggression and one that protects against environmental pollutants and UV radiation. Thus, there was enormous interest to use cosmetics that are specially designed to combat the harmful effects of environmental pollutants on the skin. The skin reflects the fatigue and stress to which we are subjected every day.

Cremeria active ingredients have proven efficacy in clinical trials. They attest that the products Cremer action protects skin surface pollutants such as heavy metals, gases and UV radiation, but also have instant lifting effect and firmness.

Cremeria is the compliment for your skin!

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Cremeria Guarantee

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  • Cremeria products are packaged in airless tubes to better protect the composition, they are more hygienic and ensure full use of the product due to the mechanism of disposal of the product from the tube, specific for airless tubes.

  • The preservative used for each product is notified Ecocert and gives validity 1 year.

  • Tested and clinically proven results. Ecocert certified ingredients.