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Because first I am woman and then pharmacist, I understand the problems faced by any lady or miss when it comes to skin and hair. So I wanted to find the most effective solutions, but also the healthiest, to meet
these problems.

I strongly believe in caring nature and I think we should enjoy the solutions that nature has placed within reach, that is why Cremeria products contain only natural ingredients and no chemicals or synthetic.

Daniela Mincu, Pharmacist and Founder, Cremeria

Cremeria Products

Each product is made in the laboratory in conditions of maximum security, so you can enjoy their freshness. Innovative active ingredients and natural oils combined with craftsmanship helps to achieve truly stunning results. For that put health first, all ingredients used are of the highest quality, with safety certificates so that each of them really offer skin benefits. By reaching the
final version, each product goes through a complex process of research so that the
formula chosen to be most effective.

Cremeria active ingredients used have proven efficacy in clinical trials. They attest that the products Cremeria action protects skin surface pollutants such as heavy metals, gases and UV radiation, but also have instant lifting effect and firmness.

Cremeria is the compliment for your skin


  • Iris-Istible's a fine texture cream that is absorbed immediately into the skin leaving it smooth and bright. I used creams in many ranges from the top ones, cosmetics well known and can honestly confess that this range is competing with luxury products.

    Corina Ilie
  • I had the opportunity to be part of the first women who tested Unforgettable cream. It has a creamy texture and a delicate fragrance penetrates quickly into the skin and my skin is more hydrated and smoother now thanks wrinkle ingredients.

    Denisa Nicola
  • Richy Rich is a delicate cream that leaves skin hydrated behind her, radiating, a very pleasant fragrance. It has all the ingredients to become every woman's favorite cream. I used this product about two months and I assure you that deserves at least tried.

    Ioana Maria Tulbure

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